Monday Q&A W/ Coach Duncan

This week Genesis Smith Lopez and Mijalen Poole interviewed Coach Robert Duncan for a Q&A.

Coach Robert Duncan Photo by Mijalen Poole
  1. What is your position here at Riverside?  

“Here I serve as the athletic director.”

  1. What is your favorite part about being an athletic director? 

“There are many interesting parts. This biggest thing is me directly having a way to impact student-athletes and the students here. When I took over here three years ago, my goal was to make this school and make this athletic program one of the most successful ones here in the county.”

3. How are you currently feeling about the future games being played this week?

“The games being played this week are very interesting. There are some factors we (Athletic program staff) don’t directly control. I look forward to every game of all week. This week’s big game will be Men’s basketball playing against Southern high school Friday night, here at Riverside high school. In addition to that, our basketball team will travel today and tomorrow. “

  1. Does anybody deserve a shoutout? If so, who and why? 

“There are a lot of individual teams and people who deserve a shoutout. If we are talking about one particular program, I would definitely have to say our cross country and indoor/outdoor track team being led by coach Shaun Thompson. He’s been able to do a beautiful job in growing the program. Getting them to the top tier programs in the country in such a short time period. His leadership skills exceed in being very clear and concise.”

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