Football Photo Gallery: Riverside 28, Orange 26 (9/20/19)

Landin Sledge(left) & Isaiah Jones share some jokes before game time. Varsity players show up after school to the sports med room and the locker room.
(left to right)Eric Windless, DC Williams, Coach David Fretwell and the rest of the defense team meet in the weight room to go over plays before the game. Coach Fretwell gave the team a speech in order to help them get into the mindset to win.
Chi Infinito,(left) Coach Greg Greene(right) and the rest of the offense team meet in Coach Greene’s room to go over plays before the game.
Coach Corey Hairston gets the skill players ready to go to the field while the rest of the team is in meetings.
The offensive and defensive lines take the field for pregame.
The team lines up to do pre-game warm ups.
Members of the Riverside Pirates stop pre-game practice stand for the national anthem, played by Riverside’s band.
Riverside cheerleaders hold up the Riverside banner as the team gets ready to run through.
Members of the Riverside Football team run through the banner to start the first kickoff as the crowd cheers.
Coach Corey Hairston (right), Coach Johnathan Bell, (left) and Coach Bernardo Hargraves (middle) and players watch the offense.

The final score. Many coaches, and players were excited to win but thought the score was too close.

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