The story of Polo

I have the best dog in the world.

One day while I was at school during my freshman year, my mom texted me during school showing me an adorable puppy. Later that day my older brother went to pick him up from where my mom was and brought him home. When we saw him our hearts melted because he was just so tiny. He was about a month old.. As we thought about what to name him I just looked at my brother’s shirt, a polo shirt, and it stuck. 

I was already being so clingy because the moment I saw him I knew it was love at first sight, but the dog way, not the human way, the moment I saw him. I knew he would mean the world to me that he’d become a special part of my life. And that he’ll stay forever. 

The next day my mom went out to get him food, but he didn’t eat. Polo was being so weird. He looked  sad and weak. We tried giving him a little piece of tortilla, but he didn’t even want that. Something was obviously wrong with him. 

We kept trying to get him to eat and get him to play. Out of nowhere he started to poop. Throughout the day we found worms in his stool. My mom and older brother called the vet and set an appointment up. The vet said he had the parvovirus, a dangerous and contagious virus for dogs. Polo  didn’t have an appetite. He seemed to feel pain in his stomach and he felt weak. He was vomiting and he kept having diarrhea full of parasites. 

It was so heartbreaking. I stayed up all night watching him, making sure he wasn’t all alone and sad because I knew he was in pain. I prayed that he would survive and make it through the sickness. 

My parents didn’t know what to do. The  medications were really expensive and I didn’t even know it would work. In the end they bought them, as well as serums my mom found that could also help, and all we could do was hope they’d help.. 

The days went by and we saw some progress, but barely. Eventually Polo got stronger and he started eating a little. We kept giving him medications and he finally recovered. 

Polo is now one year old. He is so loving and caring but also naughty, always acting up and doing what he isn’t supposed to be doing. For example he steals food off of the stove or when no one’s looking. He’ĺl stand up to get food off the table and eat my mom’s shoes. 

The family still manages to love him. He makes all of us laugh because he acts like he’s a human. Polo gets jealous when my mom will give me or my younger brother attention. He even has his own mattress. Polo was my brother’s best friend. At first he was so attached to him. That was a while ago, his person now is my mom. He cannot live without her and he follows her everywhere. He sleeps with her, he does everything with her, and when she is not home he’s just so sad but he comes to me and my brother. 

The crazy thing is I used to be so scared of dogs. But Polo is so loving and nice. He showed me that dogs are so sweet and they just want to play. 

Photo by Alexa Silvan Garcia

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