Three reasons to keep Wellness Wednesday

By Genesis Smith Lopez

Going back to in-person learning has raised questions about keeping Wellness Wednesday. From the perspective of a student, I believe that we should keep it because of the benefits it brings. 

Wellness Wednesday is a day to tend to any academic, emotional, and or mental needs of students. They receive a day to catch up on any missing work or plan their next assignment. It boosts their productivity and also prepares them to finish the week off strong. With projects, tests, and finals getting closer, they need Wednesdays so they don’t fall behind with all their classes. A fair amount of students participate in extracurriculars activities in and/or out of school. They can use the day off to take a small break away from school and focus on their hobbies so students can balance school and their personal lives better.

Before in-person school made its comeback, students were only attending zoom calls three days a week. If we do push them to go back 5 days a week, it could cause students to become overwhelmed with the new change in schedule. Many students are holding up a job or looking to start one soon. Some students have to look over younger siblings while they’re at home as well.With a four day schedule, they have a greater chance to organize and balance their school work, jobs, or hobbies. 

Mental health is a very important factor for the well being of everyone from students to staff. Everyone’s mental health has also been drastically affected by the shifts in their every day to day lives. When kids realize that the world around them is going through a global dilemma, they tend to get very anxious and worried. That anxiousness running through their head causes them to develop other symptoms and problems such as behavioral issues, sleeping problems/insomnia, and anxiety. Minors who have to live around psychedelics or any type of drugs are at a higher risk of substance abuse. Any minor that has had to forcefully adapt to their new lives deserve to learn a healthy way to detach from reality and release any pent up emotions.

Healthy habits that will make sure your body does not shut down will keep the brain sane and happy. Exercising is one of the top things anybody can do to keep them physically active. It also stimulates your mind and keeps it busy so it’s not pondering and wondering about everything, it simply lowers anxious thoughts. Meditation heals and works the mind on a more spiritual level. It relaxes the mind and detatches it from reality. The brain stops for some time and lets the body chanel its current state. This practice gives the mind and body a break from everything and lets them relax.

source: Pixabay

A wellness day isn’t only meant to improve academic performance. It also acts as a day where students can pay attention to their own personal needs. Students are all being affected by the active pandemic and virtual school in one way or another. They need to remember that their health overall is a vital importance.

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