#LifeWithout: My Pretty Face

By Janel Perry

I’ve had to go without a lot of things during the pandemic, and it’s been really stressful.

I like going to see newly released movies but I couldn’t go because they were temporarily closed. I like to sit in and eat because restaurant food is good. Who would always want to eat food in the house? Just my personal opinion. Believe me, I love going out to eat especially after a movie. It was hard not being able to do either of those things. 

I’ve also had to live without my school friends. They were the ones that gave me the motivation to come to school. They were the ones that kept me happy during school and pushed me to do better when I felt like I was going to fail. I didn’t have to worry about feeling like I was going to fail during the pandemic though because we didn’t have school. I couldn’t even invite them over because of safety precautions. 

 I can’t see my family, either. We’re kind of  boujee, so everyone takes the six feet apart and mask-wearing very seriously and doesn’t want to be around each other. My uncle recently had a baby and I couldn’t visit. All of my other family members already live far away from each other, so it’s hard for us to see each other. The virus makes it even harder. 

 Most of all I had to live without being able to show my pretty face. It was unfair because I had to cover up my face with a mask and nobody could see or recognize me. The mask is what leads me to my next thing that I had to live without: clear skin. My face started to break out from the mask sometimes because my skin gets irritated quite easily. 

The crazy part is I had to deal with it because no mask was okay for my face. This really made me upset because I was already going without being able to go places and do things, then the mask came and I had to deal with irritated skin. It was really bad for me but I made it through and am still making it through.

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