New English teacher excited for online challenges

Laura Brady, a first year English teacher at Riverside, had to dive head first into online learning this year.

 She attended undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill, graduating in 2018. She got her master’s degree at Duke, and graduated 2019. She is teaching English 4 honors, English 1, and mythology classes this year.

 As she grew up in Wake county, Brady remembers coming to Riverside for sporting events as a high schooler. Her school color was also purple, like Riverside. 

“My favorite season is wrestling season and I lose my voice at least once per season rooting for the best team in the land, Penn State!” said Brady on sports. 

Facing a second year of teaching that is now completely online, there are new challenges.
“Adapting to a new platform has been very challenging, but worthwhile,” said Brady. She is excited to find new ways to use technology to connect with her students. 

Brady is also a strong believer in the power of literature to connect people. 

“I think English and teaching literature is a great way to develop empathy and learn about different walks of life,” said Brady. “I view books as a way to see the world and understand people.” 

She wants her students to extend grace to themselves and use their voices to speak up for others, especially during online learning. 

“There’re so many lessons to be learned about online learning” Principal Williams said in regard to this school year, “And in the end it will make us better educationally.¨

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