#LifeWithout: Soccer

By: Angel Solorzano Arias

In the final weeks of March, the world experienced a life changing event – a global pandemic. This has caused us to live without certain activities and even people. Out of all of the many things that have been impacted by COVID-19, the one I am missing the most is playing soccer with my friends.

We would play almost every day in the afternoon, sometimes at school and other times at my local park. Even though we didn’t play in a team or a league, we would take it seriously, but still have lots of fun at the same time. 

I miss the laughs, sweat, and bruises that come with playing soccer with friends. The only soccer related activity my friends and I can still do during this pandemic is discuss soccer matches on T.V. or news related to soccer, like Lionel Messi leaving Barca. When there’s a soccer match we are interested in, my friends and I watch it live in our own homes and talk about it when we finish. Sometimes we Facetime during the whole match, roasting each other or celebrating together. 

Being stuck at home has caused me to not only play soccer by myself, which is definitely not the same, but it is making my skills much better. I have been working on my speed and agility with the ball by running across my yard and shooting at random targets. I have even practiced with my little brothers, but I don’t experience the same amount of fun and happiness. Once the pandemic is over and we can stop social distancing, I will run straight to the soccer field, expecting people to already be there and I will play soccer all day long.

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