What RHS Teachers Think of SMART Lunch

The RHS students have their own opinions and feelings about SMART Lunch, but so do the Teachers. Here’s what English teachers Chris Meglin, Mary Foster, Mark Morgan, Jeffrey Harris think. 

Questions Asked:

Pirates’ Hook (PH): How do you feel about SMART Lunch?

Chris Meglin (CM): “At first not happy about it, but now I think it’s an excellent idea.”

Mary Foster (MF): “I really like it, I like the fact students get to take a deep breath.”

PH: Do you think any changes need to be made?

MM: “Not that I can think of based on what I see everyday during lunch , but I mostly be in gym.”

CM: “Think of consequences for students that misuse Smart Lunch when they should be making work up.”

MF: “Need to do something with students that cause problems, I don’t want to see everyone get punished because of them.”

PH: How do you think students would react once the weather starts getting colder?

MF: ” The students that sit outside would come into the halls or maybe go into the cafeteria.”

JH: ” I think we’re gonna see more kids packed inside. It’ll be interesting to see what the kids do.”

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