Riverside’s superhero

In October 2016,  former Riverside principal Joel County left Riverside in an interesting state that needed improvement. Fights were more prominent in the school, and student involvement was at a low. When Ms. Tonya Williams arrived at Riverside little did anyone know how much of an effect she would have on improving the school.
With her positive spirit, constant communication with both the staff and students, and willingness to improve the school, Williams has gained attention from everyone in the building, much of which has been positive.

Student involvement has increased since her arrival.  The end of the year surveys students have taken within the past two years show an increase in trust between the students and faculty and more involvement within the school’s administrative team.

It’s evident that there is more involvement within sports as well. Williams has been keen on advertising sports events by posting updates on twitter and helping promote the events in the lobby and via social media. We appreciate much she cares about our sports teams and how much she’s willing to do to influence people to attend games, meets, or matches.
Even though Riverside has statistically shown improvement, there is always more to be done. Riverside still could work on more student involvement like seeking more ways to get more students amped up for athletic events.

Riverside cannot thank Ms.Williams enough for everything she’s done to help improve the school and how it’s become a more safe and involved environment.

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