Reality isn’t real

Denver Airport Case:
The Denver Airport is home to much speculation. It’s said by websites like and the that the Denver airport is the headquarters of the New World Order also known as the Illuminati. If you’re not aware of the supreme group previously mentioned, get ready for a wild ride. The New World Order is a powerful and secretive group connected to the Nazi Party who wants complete authority over the entire World’s government. They focus on self-improvement, self-knowledge, social reform, and free thought.
A quote from the most reliable Buzzfeed Unsolved says that, “Some people believe that the influence of the Illuminati, and the New World Order, goes as high as the president of the United States.”

Supporting Evidence:
~ Artwork around the airport is rather dark and creepy.
i. There are pictures of individuals sacrificing animals
ii. Pictures of a German Nazi ghost entering a city.
The German soldier is depicted killing a dove that represents peace. Within the mural there are women holding dead babies, which symbolizes the end of the new generation.
~ There was no reason to build another airport because Denver already had a main airport
~ The airport runways are in the shape of a swastika
~ There’s a 32 feet tall blue horse with beaming red eyes
i. According to the article The Darkest Conspiracy Theories about Denver’s Bizarre Airport by “It’s famous for its terrifying, 32-foot-tall statue of a giant horse with fiery, glowing eyes”
~ In the same article it says “airport’s dedication: March 19, 1994. If you add those numbers together — 1+9+1+9+9+4 — you get 33, the highest level one can achieve in Freemasonry and which represents perfection”

Opposing Evidence:
~ The airport made fun of the conspiracies and put up a “troll ad” in their airport

My obviously important final thought:
Obviously there’s something extremely sus going on in the Denver Airport, but I don’t believe it has anything to do with higher order groups. I personally believe that whoever was in charge of the decor of the airport was insane. Either that or he was just inspired by weirder art, which I give him respect for. The coincidental swastika layout alongside the artwork definitely should be redone and remodeled if the airport wants to rid themselves of all the negative attention.

Google and our DNA
Google! The company that keeps track of all of our internet history. Surely, it can’t go beyond that, right? Wrong.

In 2009 Google invested $2.6 million dollars into the company called 23andme –  a business that allows individuals to send in samples of their own DNA to the company. 23andme analyzes the DNA and  provides the client’s ethnic background and potential medical concerns.

23andme shoots to appeal to the younger generation And the theory is that Google is holding our DNA samples to advertise products that match up with our physical attributes, such as meals, or medicines in order to earn a large profit. Another theory is that in the future, the US government will have the technology to give humans the ability to live longer. The only way an individual can live longer is if they have a DNA sample from when they were younger, and that’s when 23andme plays in. If you desire the power to stay immortal than the company will sell you back your DNA sample for thousands of dollars. Far-fetched I know, but somewhat believed nonetheless.

Supporting Evidence:
~ They use Youtubers in order to promote their product
i. Little kids have made response videos showing that they’ve purchased the kit
~ One of the founders of 23andme is married to the founder of Google
i. A DNA company is linked to a company that has all our search history
~ Its  website states: “We do use and share aggregate information with third parties in order to perform business development, initiate research, send you marketing emails and improve our services.”
i. It never names the third party user

Opposing Evidence:
~ The technology for longer life hasn’t been invented yet
~ 23andme’s website claims its safe, stating: “Personal information and genetic data are stored in physically separate computing environments, which is in line with the industry standards for security.”
~ 23andme can’t technically sell medicine, only recommend it

Yet again another insightful opinion from yours truly:
Call me crazy, but I do think that Google is keeping our DNA and they’re going to do something with it in the future. There’s going to be a scandal where they’re caught selling our DNA one of their previously no named third parties. I don’t believe the whole immortality aspect of the theory; that’s just stupid, because who would actually want to live forever? But since Google is linked to this DNA company, not only does it have the ability to leak everyone’s search history, but now it can also leak individual’s medical history. In my eyes, Google is capable of doing so.secret-3037639_1920

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