Get off yo phone!

I’ve always waited until the last minute to get myself together. I usually nap away my issues. Sleeping has lowkey been my security blanket; I always feel safe when I know I’m not awake.

But this summer I decided to make a change. I wanted to take on any issues I had head on and stop procrastinating. To do this, I had to acknowledge that my phone is evil.

I have an unhealthy relationship with my iPhone 7. I depend on it for basically every aspect of my life. Despite its many uses, it keeps me from being the person I want to be.

First, my phone shifts my attention away from class, family and conversations. It took me a while to realize it was happening, but even after I knew that what I was doing was rude, I didn’t seem to care. As a result, I barely study. When I do, I struggle not to reach into my binder, grab my phone and check twitter.

My phone also deprives me of sleep. I stare at the screen way too long before I go to bed and it takes longer for me to fall asleep. recently did a study which found that people who consume electronic media in bed have a higher risk for insomnia.The study also found that the blue light my phone emits suppresses my melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates my sleep patterns. It’s is getting to the point that I cannot sleep without being on my phone for a certain amount of time, but using my phone to help me fall asleep actually exacerbates the problem.

Lastly, it keeps getting worse. I think my phone has had an impact on my social skills. I find it hard to make eye contact and carry on long conversations in person. Usually I text someone and explain how I feel using acronyms and pictures. In the past, I’ve tried to incorporate the language I use in my messages in conversations, but it just wouldn’t work out– people would look at me like I was stupid for shortening my response.

After I realized what my phone was doing to my life I felt foolish. I wanted to make sure my senior year was clear of interruptions. Whenever I do my homework now, I purposely leave my phone on the other side of the room. I recently got a new update on my phone which allows me to set limits on the amount of time I spend on certain apps. I also have a timer set to shut all my apps off at 10pm; I go to bed much earlier now.

At times I still struggle, but at least I’ve acknowledged that my phone habits won’t work in the long-run. All it takes is realization and boundaries. Until you notice your phone is destroying your life, there’s is not much you can do. If you’re struggling with admitting that your relationship with your phone has become toxic too, text me…I mean call me…I mean…drop by room 148 and we’ll have a conversation.

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