Who are the most exciting NBA Rookies and Sophomores?

10. Marvin Bagley III

  • Bagley was the second overall pick, and it looks like the Kings may have made a mistake. Doncic and Jackson Jr. are both looking like better NBA players than Bagley, and they are certainly more interesting to watch. Some of this may be due to the dumpster fire that is the Sacramento Kings, but overall most aren’t interested in him. I am a Duke fan, so it’s tough to admit this, but it’s the hard truth.

9. Jaren Jackson Jr.

  • Jackson is proving why he was the fourth pick in the draft, as his scoring and defensive ability is undeniable. Although he looks to have a ton of upside, watching him, and more specifically the Memphis Grizzlies, isn’t the most interesting thing, so he ranks lower on the list.

8. Markelle Fultz

  • Every time he makes a jump shot, Sixers fans erupt. Fultz was the first pick in the 2017 draft, but he injured his shoulder after college, forcing him to relearn his jump shot. The results are atrocious, so his success is a positive for his fans. It will be fun seeing his growth over the course of the season, and people are optimistic that he will turn his career around.

7. Deandre Ayton

  • Ayton was the number one pick in the 2018 draft for the Phoenix Suns, but he hasn’t had many flashy plays or highlights thus far. He’s quietly averaging 15+ points and 10 rebounds for the Suns, and he looks to have great potential as a modern NBA center.

6. Allonzo Trier

  • Trier is an undrafted rookie out of Arizona, and he surprised everyone with his preseason performance with the New York Knicks. There’s a possibility Trier spends a portion of the season in the G League, but his role on the Knicks has been decent so far, and he looks to have the potential of a great NBA scorer.

5. Dennis Smith Jr.

  • Smith had an underrated rookie year on a bad Mavericks team, but with the additions of Luka Doncic and Deandre Jordan, he will continue to improve, and become a standout in the 2017 class. His athleticism and scoring ability combine for an incredible show, and the new weapons around him give more opportunity to improve.

4. Donovan Mitchell

  • Donovan Mitchell was the most exciting player to watch in the NBA last year, regardless of being a rookie or not. He averaged 20.5 points last season, and as the number-one scoring option on a great defensive team in the Western Conference, it’s only assumed that his averages will go up this year. He has the opportunity to be an All Star this year, and his growth will be fun to watch.

3. Jayson Tatum

  • Tatum is emerging this season as an all-star for the Celtics, and maybe even the best player from the 2017 rookie class. He has been the Celtics number-two scoring option, only behind Kyrie Irving, and has shown flashes of greatness. He is being compared to Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant almost nightly.

2. Luka Doncic

  • Arguably the rookie with the highest ceiling, Doncic has done nothing but impress so far this season. He has shown everything that was expected of him, from his scrappy defensive ability to his passing ability on the offensive end. The pairing with Dennis Smith Jr. makes the Mavericks one of the most interesting NBA teams to watch and certainly gives Doncic a place to shine.

1.Trae Young

  • Trae Young may not be the best of the rookies, but he is certainly the most interesting to watch. The comparisons to Steph Curry are obvious, as his range is as good as anyone in the NBA, along with his impeccable passing vision and ability. He’s on and off depending on the night, but it’s always entertaining.

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