Daniel Kearns

Riverside English Teacher Daniel Kearns is very excited to start his first year at Riverside.

Kearns teaches English II second and third period and English IV Honors fourth period. His favorite part of teaching is working with students. He enjoys speaking and listening together with them, especially his seniors.

“They are my fourth period and I am just able to have collective conversations,” Kearns said, “The maturity level is where it needs to be.” students love his class.

“I really enjoy the in-class discussions we have at the beginning of the period.” said Clarissa Woody, a senior in his fourth period.

Woody really likes the classroom environment because it is “very calm and welcoming.”

Kearns loves seafood, and his favorite things to do, other than read, is dancing and performing.

Feeling valued is very important to Kearns.

“When people listen to me, [I get] this feeling of being heard and that I have a voice in something,” he said. I feel like I have a lot to offer” Kearns said, “If I was famous I could be in the spotlight to where I could share those ideas and concepts.”

(Photo courtesy of Justyn Ramseur)

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