Rebecca Stone, The Traveler

Social studies teacher Rebecca Stone was born and raised in Durham, but her favorite thing to do is travel.

Before Stone began teaching AP U.S history at Riverside in 2008, she went to Jordan High School and then the University of North Carolina. For a semester in college she traveled to Mexico with other students. Her overall favorite place there was Mexico city.

“After Mexico I fell in love with empanadas, mole and ceviche,” Stone said.

She also visited many historical places there, like the pyramids of Mexico.

“Pyramids being built on top of each other was a way of showing that someone had been conquered,” she said.

Stone also spent a whole year saving for a trip to Spain, then traveled to Barcelona and Madrid with a friend for just a few days.

“Spain had life changing ham,” she said.

Stone also visited art museums as well as a cathedral in Spain that has been under construction for over 70 years.  

Stone has also traveled to New York City for a conference.

“New York City was very overwhelming, I felt like I couldn’t find my way around,” she said.

Out of all the places she’s traveled so far her favorite has been Costa Rica. Stone honeymooned in Costa Rica. She and her husband explored the coast.

“We wanted to go somewhere special, for an adventure,” she said.

Stone’s travels have helped her  see a lot of diversity. Diversity is also her favorite part about Riverside.

“You see everything here,” she said.


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