Mike Whitfield helps students in school and cars

Mike Whitfield is a teacher, a mentor, and a coach at Riverside High School.

Whitfield has been teaching at Riverside since 1997. Whitfield’s past experiences with his teachers have inspired him to become a teacher.

“I was a baseball player and I had a really good relationship with my teachers,” said Whitfield.“I decided to become a teacher to have good relationships with my students and be a mentor to all of them.”

Whitfield decided to teach at Riverside because he needed a job near his home. He also had a friend who offered him a job at Riverside in the athletic department named Jim Key.

“My favorite part of teaching is the relationships with the students and staff,” Whitfield said.

One of Whitfield’s hobbies is playing golf.

“I play golf most of the time outside of school. I really love the sport because it’s a sport that you can’t master, and I want to try and get better and better,” Whitfield said.

He also enjoys spending time with his family and goes to the beach with them.

“My best memory of teaching is the years I coached baseball because of the relationships I had with the athletes,” said Whitfield. “I stopped coaching baseball because I started teaching Driver’s Ed full time.”

Charlton is one of Whitfield’s student who took Drivers Ed

“He’s my Driver’s Ed teacher but I didn’t have him for Health and PE” Charlton said.

Charlton doesn’t get nervous with him as a drivers ed teacher.

“He’s alright, yeah I like him he’s pretty chill” Charlton said.

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