Do the Cap-like thing!!

You may be thinking how in the world can the one and only Captain America have any of the same characteristics of my senior year. Well, for starters he slept for 70 years after World War II, and I’m pretty sure all of my naps throughout my high school career combined accumulates to at least half of that.

Another thing that Captain America does that I think all high schoolers should admire and aspire to, is that he always fights for what he believes in and for what is right, even if he knows it might end up putting him in an uncomfortable position. One example of Captain America’s loyalty is when he fought his friends and fellow Avengers in order to protect and stand up for Bucky, who was his childhood friend and also wrongfully accused wanted criminal even though he knew it could and would put him in an uncomfortable situation and that it would end split up the avengers.

During my time at Riverside I’ve been in similar situations, though I can’t say I’ve been in a life and death battle like Captain America was I have had to stand up for myself and others even though it was difficult to do at times. But at the end of the day you must do what is right, not what is easy. My advice to everyone would be never let something you know is wrong continue to go on simply because it is easier to ignore the problem than to address the issue. If the problem goes unresolved at least you can sleep at night and nap during the day… knowing you tried.

Captain America is also known for being very loyal person. He and Bucky have been friends since a little before World War Two. I met my best friend in the sixth grade and I think that having someone to share everything with is a key part of surviving high school because they are always there for you to lean on during hard times whether you need to talk about a break-up or just need someone to ride around with while listening to high school musical on blast.      

Friends are there to stand by your side through thick and thin a lot like how Captain America stands by Bucky’s side no matter the situation. I think that having a best friend is a big part of having an awesome high school experience, so my advice to all incoming and underclassmen is to find someone that you can trust and confide in.

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