March Madness wrap up

The winner of this year’s Riverside March Madness winner was Junko Takahashi. It was very shocking that she won, because her champion was the Virginia Cavaliers, who got upset in the first round by a 16 seed. This was the first time a 16 seed has ever beat a 1 seed!


Takahashi took a practical approach when it came to picking who would win each game.

“I chose UVA to win it all because I am a big Virginia fan,” Takahashi said. “It is one of my top choices for what school I would like to attend.”

She also picked the rest of her matchups by looking at both of the schools, and if she recognized one, she would pick it to win. If she knew both of them, then she would take the seeding into consideration.

While winnight a March Madness Bracket Challenge is never just about sports knowledge, this year was especially unique. when it comes to picking the winner of a March Madness Bracket.

This years tournament was very wild, and that is partially the reason why everyone brackets were pretty bad. Kansas and Villanova respective regions were the only ones where a top 3 seed made it to the final 4. Meanwhile, Xavier and Virginia’s respective regions had an 11 and a 5 seed representing them. The reason Takahashi, Artley, and Summerson finished in the top 3 is because they got almost all of the teams correct from Kansas and Villanova`s region.

The top 10 Finishers for this year Riversides March Madness Bracket are:

  1. Junko Takahashi – 66
  2. Steve Artley -63
  3. Matthew Summerson -60
  4. Victonia Watson -57
  5. Adam Kisch -55
  6. Steve Foster -55
  7. Justin Mofield -55
  8. Grace Shelton -55
  9. Garrett Wishunt -53
  10. Catina Jones -51

By Chris Allen

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