March Madness Update II

By Chris Allen

This week’s NCAA men’s basketball game was yet again filled with madness.

History was made when Loyola Chicago became the fourth ever 11-seed to ever make it to the Final Four, and is now the school with the best all-time winning percentage (.764) in the NCAA tournament. With their 13-4 record, they overpassed both Duke and UNC .

Two of the games were very close, competitive games, with Michigan edging Florida State 58-54, and Kansas besting Duke 85-81 in an overtime thriller. The other two games, however, were not so close. Loyola beat Kansas State 78-62 and Villanova blew Texas Tech away 71-59.

Kansas will play a tough Villanova team this Saturday, while Loyola Chicago will look to keep the dream alive against Michigan on Saturday as well.



1. Steve Artley -63
2. Junko Takahashi -61
3. Victoria Watson -57
Brittany Chambers -57
5. Abigail Shelton -56
6. Adam Kirsch -55
Justin Mofield -55
Grace Shelton -55
9. Garrett Whishunt -53
Coach Greene -53
Lyndsey Webster -53
Evan Hexter -53


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