The River’s Runway: Fall Footwear Edition

By Isabelle Abadie and Rory O’Connor

As fall brings colder weather, people struggle to find a perfect balance between uniqueness, trendiness and practicality.

The most popular shoes for fall are Birkenstock’s, specifically “Bostons.” In the past couple of years more and more people have started wearing these shoes because of their versatility. The suede straps and cork bottom allow for the shoe to be easily dressed up or down. 

A large part of the appeal of the Bostons is that they are so comfortable. Originally designed as a more weather-appropriate version of their Arizona style, it was also designed to be an orthopedic shoe, which ensured that it would be extremely supportive and comfortable. 

According to Vogue the Bostons are “part slipper, part chunky loafer, the lightweight adaptation of an old-school clog symbolizes comfort, ease and the unspeakable relief of being able to walk out the door in two seconds wearing a versatile shoe universally seen as stylish.” 

You can dress them down with longer socks and casual clothing for a laid back look, or dress them up with a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. They are also very popular in the fall because of their variety of earth tones and neutral colors. 

As of right now the shoes are $120-170 dollars on the Birkenstock website and are being sold up to double that on resale sites. Right now all colors and styles are available on the Birkenstock website.

Over the past year Uggs Tasman slippers have gone viral on social media platforms and, as a result, are consistently sold out. The most popular colors of the Tasmans are chestnut and mustard seed. 

These shoes can be rocked anywhere at any time. People wear them around the house, but also to school, walking around town, and everywhere else. These shoes are so loved because of the easy slip on, warm sheepskin lining and simple style that can be worn with any outfit. 

Tasmans sell for $110 dollars on the official UGG website. However, they can be found on sites like eBay right now for up to $200. 

UGG slippers are often referred to as a “cult classic” and the brand has not yet fallen short of the nickname. While some shoes might be geared toward a more masculine or feminine audience, the Tasman’s are gender neutral and can fit a wide range of styles. The shoes are sold in eight different colors including black and lilac mauve. If you come across a pair of these slippers in the color and size you want… make the purchase ASAP before you lose the chance to be in on this fall trend!

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