2023 State Fair Food Review

It took 16 years, but I finally made it to my first state fair. Known for its games, contests, rides, and shops. I was most excited to try as many foods as possible. Here are my top picks: 

Weird: Deep Fried Alligator

It’s exactly as it sounds! It is southern style deep fried alligator. The attraction itself isn’t one of the more popular ones but it is an interesting spot to try. The vendor serves southern-style, deep-fried fish, meat and other exotics with a side of fries. I didn’t expect the alligator to taste like chicken but it did. However, it had a tough exterior and an interesting flavor on the outside. I wouldn’t say this is one of my favorites, but it is an interesting spot to try out. 

Most Popular: Turkey Legs

Even if you haven’t been to the fair, you’ve probably heard people who have been talk about the famous turkey legs. With a long line of people, the vendor has a huge spread of turkey legs set out for everyone to see. Their extreme size is one of their unique and popular characteristics. They have a delicious salty taste to them, with tender meat. If you’re up for the challenge, you can try and eat it by yourself. 

Most Anticipated: Korean Potato Corn Dog 

The Korean Street Corn Dog is one of the more popular food attractions, drawing people in it’s popular crowd from TikTok. The vender serves a variety of corn dogs ranging from hot cheeto, potato, and sugar. Lots of people have talked about how unique and delicious it is, so it was on my bucket list to try. The satisfying cheese pull and the different flavor combinations that hit you definitely made me understand why it was such a highly anticipated food item.

Personal Favorite:

Deep Fried Cookie Dough: 

This vendor sold many deep fried desserts, which was different from things I’ve tried but surprisingly ended up being the best thing I tried. I loved the texture of the cookie dough inside of the deep fried crust, and the flavor bomb that the additional chocolate sauce provided. Although this was my first time going to the fair, this would be the first food I get when I go again. 


Mexican Street Corn: . Corn on the cob with Latin seasonings may not be what the fair’s famous for but it should definitely be tried out. This vendor sells roasted corn-on-the-cob with a lots of different spices and seasonings. They also serve street corn with doritos, topped with parmesan cheese, lime and their special sauce. It was a creative spin on the food and it had a really interesting flavor. I recommend people to visit this food attraction. 

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