Men’s Basketball Photo Gallery: Riverside 61, Athens Drive 66 (12/15/21)

All photos by Benjamin Meglin

Jordan Thomas floats the ball over the defender for an easy bucket.
Jared Merchant rises up for the jump shot.
Xavier McQueen converts on a tough layup.
Corey Winston drives past his defender
Corey Hairston feeds the ball to Javion Johnson in the post.
Javion Johnson scores the go ahead layup in the post.
“Flash” gets a good look from the corner and shoots the ball.
Jared Merchant shoots the ball before the clock expires.
Xavier McQueen finesses his way through the defense for a layup.
Xavier McQueen lays the ball up after a crucial Athens Drive turnover.
Jared Merchant drives baseline for a floater.

Final Score Riverside 61, Athens Drive 66, Riverside 61. Riverside is now 3-4.

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