Photo Essay: Riverside’s pep rally

The marching band prepares to play another song for the eager audience on Friday Oct 18th. Another member holds a flag, a visual part of the traditional marching band.
EC teacher Mr. Flippen prepares to lead his class down the track, dressed as a pirate.
Another EC class shows off there pirate pride by holding a colorful banner
Ms Minnick leads the Mens varsity to the front, all of them exited to show off their tricks and moves.
Sam Obvsrovsky helps hold the XC banner, as they prepare to run down the track. The cross country team is home to some of the best runners at RHS.
JV and Varsity Football hold their yellow banner up, exited to throw things out to the audience. The football has the largest team at RHS, considering the combined JV and V teams.
The gymnastics team shows off their flexibility, doing flips and stunts across the track. The gymnastics team only has 3 members.
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