International journalists visit the triangle

On April 17 2019,  journalists came from the Murrow Fellowship program to Riverside High School, where fellow journalists met The Pirates’ Hook staff members.

The journalists were from all around the world, countries such as the Czech Republic, Latvia, Pakistan, Mexico, and Malawi.

Journalists were happy to meet the Pirates’ Hook staff.

“America is beautiful and you people are good people,” said journalist Mushen Ali said

Many journalists spoke about the stories they are currently covering in their country.

“I’m writing about Russian influence in our country,” said journalist Lukas.

Journalists shared their thoughts about American journalism. ‘“ I thought the pay for journalists would be different in the United States; I thought you could make enough for a living.”

Journalists shared the name of the companies they work for.

“The Akbar is my newspaper name. Akbar is a common word in Arabic, Hindi, and many languages so that is why I choose this name” said Journalist Mushen Ali.

Journalist felt that the Pirates’ Hook newspaper is very nice  and appreciated that it is bilingual.

“That is very cool that you have different languages,” said Journalist Isabella

Many journalists wished they had a student run newspaper back home in their own countries.

“I wished I had something like this newspaper back in my high school,” said journalist Isabella.

Journalist shared their reasons why they got into the field of journalism.

“My passion was to tell a story, to tell  the truth on what is happening, exposing fraud or corruption. It makes me feel good to make a drive of change in my country “ said journalist Rebecca Chimjeka.

Journalist shared their feelings on America and impressions.

“I think we all agree that America is very lucky to have free press,  unlike ours who doesn’t have that much power in the press,” said journalist Isabella.


The journalists gave the Pirates’ Hook advice for the future.

“You must read a lot of things about other countries as well,” said Muhsen Ali.

“You have to have an open mind to certain things and be a jack of all trades,” said journalist Abdiaziz.

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