Student of the Month: Kenquan Mitchell

Student of the month, sophomore Kenquan Mitchell, describes himself as a hard worker.

Mitchell leads student groups in the greenhouse, volunteering at an animal shelter, and supporting students with mental disabilities.

After being recommended by his teacher, Jenny Bailey, for the student of the month, he said “I’ve never had this opportunity before.”

Bailey said, “He is a leader within our program and he is very motivated.”

Mitchell stands out, because he cleans up the classroom before leaving everyday, shows maturity, like no other, and has a magnetic personality.

In the future, Mitchell wants to be a famous singer or actor. Whitney Houston is one of his biggest role models.

Another one of Mitchell’s teachers, Bart Gonzalez, believes Mitchell will be successful in whatever career path he chooses.

“He is very productive,” Gonzalez said

Mitchell finds his motivation in the tragedy that his family faced nearly 3 years ago. Mitchell’s brother was murdered by his girlfriend, just a few months after graduating high school.

Mitchell’s family is still grieving, but he said “My brother always wanted me to work hard. I want to make him proud and do the things my brother never had the opportunity to do.”

Bailey said “[He is] really eager to learn. In math, he always asks for extra work”

As well as doing extra work in class, he encourages his peers.

“I try to motivate my classmates,” said Mitchell, “I tell my classmates to come to me if they don’t believe in themselves.”

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