Varsity Lacrosse Recap 4/25/19

Coming off a 17-4 senior night win against Voyager Academy, the men’s lacrosse team hoped to start up a winning streak against Green Hope on Thursday April 25th.

Unfortunately, the team fell behind 5-0 early in the game before they got their first spark of offense. The Pirates’ first goal came from freshman Ryan Scher.

The Pirates only scored one more time throughout the game. The second goal came from Junior DJ Richards, who was one of the most important players for the team all season. His teammate Drew Marley described him as very fast and having extremely good stick skills.

Coach Conner Bolen said that Senior Manny Enamorado was one of the most important players for the game. “I was impressed with the leadership that he showed and his willingness to play wherever we needed him.”

Another big takeaway from the game was that the team as a whole was competitive and physical the entire time. Sophomore keeper Nick Jimenez showed this physicality by laying out a Green Hope player while competing for possession in front of goal. This was unusual for him, given that he is the keeper, but it was still a big moment in the game.

The Pirates eventually fell to Green Hope 17-2. As the year starts to wrap up, the team is 3-12 on the season.   

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