Deleting “Social Media”?

Senior Katie Parler:

Before I deleted my social media, I felt very overwhelmed. Honestly, life was kicking me in the butt; school was hard, college was on my mind 24/7, I couldn’t focus on anything, I was always working at my job, and I was losing quality time with friends and family.

When I deleted my social media accounts, I felt very refreshed. Yes, I was going to miss everyone’s life updates every 2 seconds, but it was nice being able to take some time for myself and have nothing else interrupt that.

I think deleting my social media, for the time period I did, was such a good decision that I made. It made me realize how much other people are addicted to their phones and how much of people’s lives surround them. Being able to step back and see that made me realize a lot about myself and make some changes going forward.

I definitely recommend deleting your social media accounts for just a little bit, specifically if you feel overwhelmed or just want a clear mind. I only did it for 2 days, but it made me want to do it more. It’s such a nice break to have and it forced me to have actual conversations with people as well.

Absolutely I would delete it again. Matter of fact, I might go do that right now…

Senior Elizabeth Nguyen:

I felt okay prior to deleting social media; i wasn’t emotionally upset or anything. I decided to take a break from social media because I was tired of seeing all the exaggerated problems and tired of always going to social media whenever I’m bored and end up being on there for hours at a time instead of doing something productive.

While having my social media deleted I felt pretty good, maybe even a bit more happy because I didn’t have the urge to check anything or check my notifications. It was very relieving. I definitely believe that deleting social media was good for me because I ended up being more productive with my life and didn’t stay up late on my phone doing absolutely nothing.

I think that students should take a break every now and then from social media for a personal cleanse. It was actually really healthy for me because during that time I was off social media, I didn’t see all those instagram models 24/7 and compared myself to them to make me feel insecure about myself.

I would never delete social media, but I would definitely deactivate my account more often now.

Junior Kiyo Takahashi:

Before deleting my social media I was very stressed out and I had little time to do anything and it was mostly because I was spending all my time on social media.

The reason I deleted my social media is due to the fact that I was staying up to crazy hours of the night because I started my homework at 11 because I was on my phone scrolling through my timeline for hours on end.

I‘m not gonna lie I was kind of addicted to social media. While having my social media deleted I really wanted to check my Instagram and stuff, but I definitely think that deleting my social media was going for me. Overall I felt better because I go to sleep a lot earlier

I definitely  think other people/students should take a break from social media, but I don’t think as many people are addicted to it as people might think so it not like a necessary thing for everyone

I would definitely delete my social media again. Actually, I delete it during the week and only reinstall it on the weekends.


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