Junior Leadership Durham blends learning and service

By Fabian Hernandez

Junior Leadership Durham is an organization that promotes leadership skills and develops social skills by attending numerous sessions that prepares students for future experiences.

According to its mission statement, JLD aims “to shape the future of high school students by promoting teamwork, developing leadership skills and fostering self-confidence and personal growth.”

Students submit applications and teacher recommendations. Finalists complete interviews and begin the program in January. JLD meets twice a month to attend information sessions about various government and volunteer organizations. For example, on February 23 Urban Ministries of Durham presented to JLD about homelessness and how to help. Student members also helped assemble personal hygiene bags to be given to the homeless.

source: juniorleadershipdurham.org

Tomorrow’s session about entrepreneurship and technology will feature members of Durham’s business community, and on March 16 JLD students will volunteer with the Durham Food Bank.

To learn more about Junior Leadership Durham, visit juniorleadershipdurham.org.  

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