The Healing Bell

Anyone who has ever played a sport at Riverside knows athletic trainer Sarah Bell.

For years she has managed and evaluated hundreds of athletic physicals for every sport. If an athlete is ever injured, she is the person a coach calls first.

Bell majored in sports medicine at Greensboro College. At Riverside, she teaches Sports Medicine 1 and 2.

Bell believes students would describe her as “amazing, super-duper, and beautiful.” Health/PE teacher and assistant football coach  Mark Morgan called her “energetic, loyal and hardworking.”

“She’s an all-around plus for the school,” Morgan said. “She’s here all summer and she really cares about the students and athletes.”

Bell believes her greatest achievement is helping people. If she randomly acquired $10,000, she knew exactly what to do with it.

“I would find a way to buy a bunch of non-perishable food for the kids of the school,” she said.

Among other things, Bell wishes the school schedule would return to the old 7:30 to 2:30 schedule, which is a common opinion among athletes because of practice and game times. Bell is required to be present at all football practices and games for safety and medical help.

Since the school schedule has been pushed back to end at 4:00, she must miss other sporting events. These other sporting events also have occasional injuries, but she is not available to assess and treat them at times because she can’t be in two places at once. This is one of the reasons she would like teleportation as her superpower. Her favorite thing about Riverside is Coach Bryan Strickland.

“He’s a pretty great human,” Bell said describing Strickland.


Ex. Feature Image by Ben Patton

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