Hurricane Florence Sways DPS Schedule

Hurricane Florence has caused Durham Public Schools (DPS) to change the school schedule for this Thursday and Friday.

All DPS schools will close on Thursday, September 13 and Friday, September 14.

DPS is taking precautionary measures to keep both their employees and students safe during this time of concern.

“Your safety is our priority…don’t forget to take care of yourself,” DPS Chief Communications Officer Chip Sudderth in an email sent to all DPS employees on Tuesday. 

Additionally, Riverside was meant to act as a shelter for humans as well as animals in need during the hurricane. However, because Florence has changed course, Hillside will be the only school used as a shelter during this time.

“If the weather is worse than it is projected to be, Riverside will be opened as a secondary shelter,” said Riverside assistant principal Kadeidra Carr.

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