Seniors squash faculty

Riverside teachers suffered another hard loss to the seniors in the 2018 student-faculty basketball game.

Led by math teacher John Nevola,  the teachers had a promising start. They led 29-19 by halftime.

During halftime principal Tonya Williams, athletic director Margratha Chambers and Robert Duncan thanked representatives from Coca Cola for donating new scoreboards for both the gym and football field.

DSC_0828“I think it is a great partnership and a great way to showcase our relationship” said Duncan. “The game brings everyone together, in a setting you don’t usually see them in.”

The students picked their game up in the second half and eventually tired the teachers out. An all-Lady-Pirate lineup of Nala Terry, Shea Hatley, Aija Perry, Ashnutee Nelson and Abira Reddish closed the gap early in the second half.

Later on the students spilled  their moves on the RHS staff, leaving the final score at 45-50.

Men’s varsity basketball coach Brian Strickland had a chance to cut the lead to just two points late in the game, but stumbled and fell before he could take the shot.

“Shoutout to the three-point line for tripping me,” Strickland said.


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