Need a bite this Thanksgiving? The Hook has got you covered

By Norah Lubeck and Saul Janiak-Stein

Thanksgiving is around the corner and plenty of people are looking for options to bring to a dinner, lunch, or gatherings.  

Durham is home to a variety of businesses that offer options for Thanksgiving, including Guglehuff, Fosters and the Durham Farmers Market. Most places offer desserts, sides and fresh made food, to be part of a Thanksgiving spread.

The farmers market has multiple booths with a variety of locally-grown fresh vegetables. These include jam, jelly, relishes, pickled products, squash, green beans, eggplant, herbs and potatoes. 

Fresh vegetables on display at the Durham Farmers Market. The market was established in 1998. Photo by Norah Lubeck.

Fosters offers a full Thanksgiving menu. If you’re short on time to cook, consider pre-ordering sides or a full meal. All you have to do is pop the turkey in the oven. The dinner for four consists of an oven roasted turkey breast or spiral ham, cornbread stuffing with celery & sage, classic mashed potatoes, herb gravy, cranberry orange relish, dinner rolls and pumpkin pie. 

If you’re looking for more side options, Fosters also offers hors d’oeuvres (starter dishes), such as cheeses and meats. They offer sides, such as vegetables, green bean casseroles and mac and cheese. For desserts they are most known for their pies, which include apple with walnut and crumb topping, bourbon pecan, key lime and chocolate chess. 

Gugelhupf offers many Thanksgiving pastries and cakes that can fulfill your holiday cravings. For a bigger dessert for the whole family to share after Thanksgiving dinner, they offer a pumpkin almond tart. They also offer a smaller pumpkin almond demi tart. 

The pumpkin almond tart and demi tart on display. The two items are very popular during Thanksgiving. Photo by Saul Janiak-Stein.

For smaller offerings, Guglhupf has a variety of pumpkin Thanksgiving pastries. If you are looking for a vegan option they have a mini vegan pumpkin Gugelhupf. The Gugelhupf cake, which the restaurant is named after, is turned miniature for this vegan pumpkin dessert. 

Other small pastries that are shown in the case include a pumpkin danish and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin. The Danish has a crispier exterior, while the muffin is softer and lighter. Guglhupf also has a unique pumpkin eclair and pumpkin almond tartlet. 

The pumpkin cream cheese muffin on display. Photo by Saul Janiak-Stein.

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