Students, teachers report ghoulish behavior

This morning, Tuesday, Oct. 31, multiple Riverside students reported ghost sightings. 

Students told The Pirates’ Hook that they saw mysterious beings in the bathrooms opening stall doors. The lights flickered on and off and writing appeared out of nowhere.

 “I see writing on the mirrors saying “Roll Pirates Roll,” stated senior Raul Hernandez.

Teachers and students have been locked out of their classrooms as well as the doors to get in from outside. 

“I couldn’t hand out 10 assignments to my students today thanks to the ghost that is haunting this school,” said history teacher Janet Heape. 

Students were also late to their classes.

“I was considered tardy even though it wasn’t my fault that I got in the class late,” said senior Essat Seales. 

Once the teachers and students were able to get in the classrooms, they were greeted by a chaotic scene. The chairs were all over the classroom and some of them had no seat cover anymore.  

Class was in session and the projector kept glitching and interfering with the class. They would turn on and off, causing the students to not be able to take important notes for a quiz that they are taking tomorrow. 

“I need the notes for the quiz or else I am going to get a B!” said senior Rachel Kirsch.

Senior Jackie Larios was taking notes in class until she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She asked the student behind her but it wasn’t them. 

“I felt like someone tapped me and it was a cold touch,” said Larios.

After school, she went to her car and got in and turned it on. Then she heard a knock on the window but nobody was there. 

At that point, she had a strange feeling that it must have been a person that doesn’t teach here anymore.

 “It was the ghost of Mrs. Berry,” said Larios. “Had to be…”

Graphic by Gisselle Rivera-Roman

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