SGA Election Primer

Voting will be held Tuesday, September 26.


Rose Mills:

“I’m running for freshman president with Nate Cohen. I am a part of the softball and field hockey team. I went to Brogden and EK Powe. This is my first year at Riverside and I’m really excited to start doing clubs and get to know people better. 

“We plan on helping freshmen find their voice and helping them get what they need to have a good high school experience.”

Cindy Combs:

“I am on the RHS Varsity Tennis team, I have two siblings that are younger than me, and I love Riverside.” 

“Me and my partner were thinking about really supporting Cancer awareness in the month of October. We also want to do a clothing drive and work on fun activities for the ninth graders.” 


Jonah Weiss:

“I’m really interested in math and engineering and I’m running for SGA president. I’m attending the PLTW program here at Riverside and I’m here because I really want to pursue a career in engineering.

“I think people should vote for me because I think people in the past have not had a very good track record of not really accomplishing anything as student government appointees and so I think I can get more done. I’m willing to be here after school, on weekends, fixing the bathrooms, cleaning things up, and bettering the school for everyone. I think a lot of people just aren’t willing to do that.” 

Georgi Armstrong:

“I am a tenth grader at Riverside High School. You should vote for me and Elio Leon. My favorite colors are pink and purple, and I do hockey and swimming. I like to bake and I plan to do more for the sophomores.

“We want to fund raise for more microwaves in the cafeteria and we want to do more activities for the sophomores like, a Christmas movie [night] or something, and we want to get seats by the bus lot.”

Ryan Foley: 

“I’m running for sophomore president with my friend Rory. I’m on the RHS tennis team, Pirates Athletic Media and the Environmental Club. I’m looking to get more involved with my school.

“I am focused on giving the sophomore student body a voice, especially with HOCO coming up. I want to deal with all concerns and recommendations. We also have a lot of bathroom issues and general school issues that we would love to hear feedback about. If Rory and I are elected we will be very dedicated and we really want to make a change.” 

Editor’s note: Foley’s running mate, Rory O’Connor, is on The Pirates’ Hook Staff.

Jason Noble: 

“I’m running for sophomore president because I want to see the school be better. I want to see it evolve and change the things that need to be changed.”

“[If elected I will] make some changes and fix the things that need to be fixed, such as bathroom repairs, maybe even full-time nurse fundraising, so we could have more than one or two nurses available per week.”

Isabelle Abadie:

“Most people at this school know me as Izzy. I am running for Sophomore president with my friend Elodie Page. I’m part of the RHS field hockey team and Pirates Athletics Media.

“If I get elected president I want to work on giving Sophomores more fun school events so that they can get more involved at Riverside. I also want to work on putting mini trash cans in every girl’s stall in the school’s bathrooms, most don’t have them right now.”

Editor’s note: Abadie and Page are both on The Pirates’ Hook staff.


Abby Cho:

“I play field hockey and soccer, and am the manager of the women’s varsity basketball team. I am also in NHS, Pirates Athletic Media, Riverside Interact, AASA (Asian American Student Association), Destino, and SGA. I was also the sophomore class president last year.

“The biggest thing that I plan on doing for the school is to advocate for money. I don’t have the power to get money, but I have the power to talk to people that can get money… Over the summer I emailed the district, and they listed Riverside as a priority site for bathrooms. I also wish to do a fundraiser to funnel in money for the student body.” 

Savannah Lewis: 

“I play varsity women’s lacrosse. My favorite food is pasta and my friends and I like to go sightseeing. My go-to breakfast is a bagel and cream cheese, and my dream day would be to sleep in, make a nice breakfast, and hang out with my friends.

“We are going to make the River rise however our supporters need it.”

Muhammad Ahmad:

“I am running for junior class president, and my goal is to get everyone prepared for the SAT and ACT.

“[If elected], the first thing I will do is arrange SAT and ACT practice sessions so that every student that needs help come get help. These two exams are really important for college, and they help your education. I don’t want anyone to be behind, so I also want study sessions for both A and B lunch for all classes and available to all students. I want everyone on the same base for education.”


Elijah Pope:

“I’ve been in the engineering program for four years, I’ve been on the cross country team for about two. Its been really good to me. I’ve really enjoyed high school. I’ve really enjoyed Riverside and I want to make it better.

“My goals as senior class president is to make Riverside more engaging and make it a better community for a lot of our seniors – and everyone. I think this school this very good especially in terms of DPS, but I think we can make it a lot better with a lot of the welcoming atmosphere and the cleanliness of some of the parts, AKA the bathrooms and the hallways. I think we can make it better and make it a lot nicer to be around.”

Hannah Valente: 

“I’ve been a part of SGA for 3 years now, and I am a part of the RHS tennis and lacrosse team. Last year I was the junior class president.

“You should vote for me and Andrew Sergison because we want to ensure that we give the senior class the best for their last year while making sure we leave the school in good hands by fundraising so we can let the school do activities and renovations.”

Josie Lines:

“I’m running for Senior president. I’m mostly interested in swimming and I also play lacrosse.

“If I get elected, some of my biggest priorities are working on getting the school bathrooms fixed. I also want to make sure that college resources and counselor resources are available for all groups in the school.”

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