Best shows to binge this fall

Queen of the South (Netflix)

  • Description: Teresa Mendoza is a woman living in Jalisco, Mexico. After her boyfriend is murdered, she is forced to flee to America. In order to guarantee her safety and take down the leader of the drug ring that’s after her, she teams up with many unlikely people. From there, Teresa starts her own drug empire making her a very successful woman who can only really trust herself.
  • Why it’s awesome: I like this show because it’s fun to see this perspective on drug cartels, and there are a lot of plot twists that will keep you on your feet. It’s very easy to connect with the characters and understand what’s going on.
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Scream (Netflix)

  • Description: A brutal murder in Lakewood stirs memories of a crime spree from the town’s past that has haunted some, intrigued others, and maybe just spawned a new executioner.
  • Why it’s awesome: I like this because it combines horror and teen drama so it’s not as scary as it could be.
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Vampire Diaries ( Netflix or HBO Max ) 

  • Description: This is a supernatural teen drama placed in Mystic Falls, Virginia. The show follows the life of Elena Gilbert after her parents die in a car accident. There’s everything from witches to vampires to werewolves. There are also a few spinoffs such as ‘The Originals’ and ‘Legacies’.
  • Why it’s awesome: I like this because there’s always something happening and keeps you entertained. You can connect with and follow the show easily. Since this show has a lot of episodes and spin-off series, you won’t have to worry about finding something new to watch quickly.
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Teen Titans (HBO Max)

  • Description: This show is an animated spin-off of the Justice League. The sidekicks and other teen superheroes come together to fight against crime.
  • Why it’s awesome: I like this because it gives you something to laugh about and everyone loves superheroes.
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 My Strange Addiction (Hulu)

  • Description: This is about adults and their extreme compulsions. Their behaviors are addicting to them and strange to others.
  • Why it’s awesome: I like this show because it’s interesting to see what people are addicted to and is sometimes super funny.
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