Students express faith in social distancing

By Roselyn Alvarez-Pedraza

Returning to in-person school during COVID will never be stress-free, but many students feel comfortable with the social distancing guidelines in place. 

Social distancing is an important thing when it comes to Covid. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), social distancing is one of the most important rules to follow when staying safe during COVID, especially since many schools around the country return to in person instruction

Dr. Lisa Lockered a Senior Director of Infection Prevention,at the Johns Hopkins Health System, says that everyone should practice social distancing, and avoid big crowds of people especially indoors. 

The CDC also recommends all students and staff to always wear a face mask that covers up the nose and mouth when on school campus, and maintain at least six feet of social distance. If not possible, the minimum distance is 3 feet, especially in the hallways when transitioning to class.

Four weeks into the fall semester, Riverside freshmen shared their thoughts about the school’s social distancing rules in a series of interviews with The Pirates Hook

“It helps a lot to maintain social distance, ” America Barerra said,” especially during a pandemic when this is a great tool for us to prevent more cases in our community.”

Ninth grader America Barrera. Photo by Roselyn Alvarez-Pedraza

“I Feel the same way” Alexandra Suarez said,” I think social distancing is a great use in school, helps a lot especially right now in school.”

Biology teacher Mika Twietmeyer, however, wishes there were more safety measures in place.

“I feel like there is no social distance in our school,” Twietmeyer says. “We  should work on it better, in order to keep everyone safe.”

Biology teacher Mika Twietmeyer. Photo by Roselyn Alvarez-Pedraza

Several Sophomores , some of whom hadn’t set foot on Riverside’s campus before this fall, also feel good about the rules in place. Jaquline Martinez said she felt good about the rules”. 

“It’s not the best,but it keeps everyone safe in school, ” Martinez said. 

Sophomore Ernesto Alcala agrees that it could be better, but he’s happy to be back in-person. 

“It’s okay,” sophomore Alcala said. “Since Covid hit we haven’t been able to be close to our friends that much. Everything changed since then.” 

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