New and experienced faculty are excited to be on campus

As Riverside students return to campus this fall, faculty members are excited to interact with students in-person. 

Media Coordinator Jenna Wine is brand new to both Riverside and a career in education. She said that the first day of school felt chaotic but good. 

Students complete an assignment in Laura Brady’s English class. Photo by Isaac Stein

 “This was my first day of school ever,” she said. “I’m fresh out of grad school. It’s so nice to be physically in the building.”

Chemistry teacher Mckenzee  Chestnut is also new to Riverside. She described the first day as different and unexpected. 

“It’s my first time teaching, so I have nothing to compare it to,” she said.

Chestnut also said there were lots of meetings, work and team building during the teacher work days leading up to the first day of school.

Although there are more than 40 new faculty members, seasoned veterans like CTE teacher David Robinson were excited to return, too. 

“It feels good to be back,” Robinson said, “but at the same time I’m apprehensive and excited. I like seeing students’ faces, which is much better than the boxes on zoom.” 

New assistant principal Jasmine McKoy called the first day “Awesome Sauce.” One of several new administrators, McKoy, Tammy Patterson and Will Okun joined Riverside over the summer. Assistant principal Jeremy Eddie came on board one year ago, and Principal Leslie Kinard took the helm in March. 

That makes assistant principal Chaundra Clay the longest-tenured Riverside administrator. Clay joined Riverside 

“I think the first week of school went smoothly other than me trying to figure out the traffic patterns on the buses and everything,” said Clay, who has been an administrator at Riverside for ten years. “Overall, considering the transition [back to in-person school] I thought it went very well.”

Students head to an afternoon class during the second week of school. Photo by Isaac Stein

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