Many sophomores are setting foot on campus for the first time

Much of the class of 2024 has not been in a school building since March 13 2019 because of Covid-19. They missed out on their freshman year in a high school building.  

In a series of interviews with The Pirates’ Hook, sophomores Emely Pene, Dianelly Aluarenga, and Dayanne Mjia talked about how they feel about finally starting their high school journey in-person. One thing they all liked about the school year so far is the 1 hour lunch we have.That is the only thing they said they like about Riverside. 

“It was scary,” Pene said. “I didn’t know where my classes were, but now it is okay.”

“I felt nervous,” Aluarenga said.

“I feel it was better than what I thought it was going to be,” Mija said.

Mija and Aluareng wish they could have done all four years of high school in the building, but Pene is glad to have gotten freshman year out of the way from home. All of them are happy to be back in-person this fall. 

”It is easier to talk to the teacher and understand the work,” Pene said. 

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