Never Alone

Rebeca Sanchez got the support she needed to reach the next level

Senior Rebeca Sanchez started playing lacrosse at the age of 11 on a boys team. Now she is committed to play at Mars Hill University. 

“[When I first started] I was really bad and couldn’t do anything athletic to save my life,” Sanchez said. “But from then on I kept practicing because I wanted to be as good as all the other boys.’ 

In addition to playing for Riverside’s softball and women’s lacrosse teams, Sanchez is student body vice-president and works part time at Jamba Juice. 

“Lacrosse, softball, being class president and work have been super fun,” she said. “I am super busy and at the end of most days I just want to sleep. But being a part of something, whether it’s school or work, is a really cool experience, especially when I’m surrounded by some of the best and funniest people.” 

Sanchez verbally committed in mid-October to Mars Hill and officially signed a letter of intent to play in November. 

“All of it was super exciting,” she said. “The recruiting process was very interesting…stressful at times but exciting.” 

She is super excited to graduate and hopes to major in biology with a concentration in pre-med. She wants to become a pediatrician with some sort of focus in the special needs area. 

“My parents have played a tremendous role in my life,” she said, “but honestly really any adult I’ve had some sort of relationship with, whether it was a teacher, coach, youth leader or friend’s parents, anyone I come in contact with played an important role in my life. 

“I’m a huge believer that you don’t meet people by accident,” she said. “Everyone you meet is there to teach you something.”

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