“Ty’s Limited Edition” – a Student-Run Business

Senior Tyshanie Lee spends her free time during the pandemic differently than most students: she runs her own business.

Lee created “Ty’s Limited Edition” last June, which started off selling eyelash products. She was inspired to start it because so many people ask her how she does her eyelashes.

“I felt as if I should be the one to provide items to make ‘All Glam Girls Feel Glamorous’ (my motto),” she said.

In August, Lee decided to expand to skin care products, as well, because she knew people suffered with skin issues especially transitioning into different seasons.

 “I usually work on my business everyday after school, even on Wellness Wednesdays & Asynchronous Fridays,” she said.

Photo courtesy of Tyshanie Lee

Lee has five brand ambassadors from different schools around Durham who help her perfect the products.

While starting a business during the pandemic was difficult since many people are not financially stable enough to buy her products, she still received a lot of support.

“I still had support  in other ways – whether that was word of mouth or reposting things from my [Instagram] page,” said Lee.

Currently, she is taking a break from her business but will probably start back once graduation passes.

“I eventually got to the point where I was happy with my business and how it was taking off!” she said.

Besides her business, Lee is an active member of the Riverside Cheerleading team, which she is a captain for. She started cheer in 2014 and plans on continuing in college.

Her cheerleading coach, Kayla Thompson, describes her as kind, optimistic, and a natural at building relationships.

“She is instrumental to the growth of our team in all aspects and wants to see everybody win,” said Thompson. “I can speak for the team in saying we all love her very much and she will truly be missed as she transitions into adulthood.”

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