Face Off: Sony Wins Again

By: Angel Solorzano Arias

This holiday season, two big gaming companies Microsoft and Sony will be releasing their new generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5, which causes people to wonder which one they should be getting.

Throughout the years we have seen Sony and Microsoft rival each other with gaming systems and this year is no different. Each company has a history with these consoles, but in 2013 Sony had a victory with the release of their Playstation 4, selling 4.2 million consoles. Meanwhile, Microsoft sold 3 million Xbox 1’s.

Even though this year Microsoft did a good job in the making of their Xbox Series X with their tech specs, Sony has the edge again due to its business strategy. Sony’s business strategy includes a partnership with Nintendo and is making games that can only be played on both consoles, such as Nintendo classics like Super Mario and Pokemon. Playstation has some great gaming content of their own, with new exclusives coming out in 2020 and 2021 such as New God of War, Marvel’s Spiderman-Man: Miles Morales and the new Gran Turismo 7, but PS5 still comes out on top.

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