Plug and Play or Cut the Cord: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Welcome back to Plug and play or cut the cord! Today’s Game is one that few gamers can claim to not have heard of: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! 

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Smash Bros is a party fighting game series dedicated to bringing fans of video games around the world together. With 82 different playable characters at the time of writing, the best fighting game of 2019 award, over 36 hours of music combined, and having sold 17.68 Million copies as of December 2019, within one year of its release. These statistics clearly show the game has brought people everywhere together.

Yes, that’s right, 82 different playable characters, with 6 more DLC (Downloadable Content) characters other than the 5 already in scheduled, bringing up the total count announced to 88 different characters, which makes it the sixth largest fighting game roster in the gaming community. Fighters appear from great series such as Mario Bros., Pokemon, Fire emblem, Kirby, and more. Guest fighters such as Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Joker from Persona, Banjo and Kazooie, and Mega Man also make appearances. 

You start with 8 characters from the first Smash Bros. game, but unlock more of the roster as you play. 

It’s not just character selections that make Smash unique. Once you begin fighting, nstead of a health bar characters have a percentage. The more damage you take, the higher your percentage goes, up to a maximum of 999.0% damage. As you take more damage, you get launched farther by attacks. 

Instead of conventional fighting game stages, stages have platforms, and characters are extremely mobile, making what some call a “Platform Fighter.” Get launched off screen far enough, and you lose a life. 

Smash games have been released on six different gaming consoles, beginning with Nintendo 64 in 1999 and most recently Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Wii Edition, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, featured a story mode called “The Subspace Emissary” which has unique enemies and was more so a beat em up than a traditional fighting game story mode. 

The Switch edition, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,  features a story mode i called “World of Light” and follows Kirby as he saves all the other fighters from the control of Galeem, an eldritch being  bent on creating a new world of only light under its control.The Story Mode features few cutscenes, but has 615 different fights, of which only one-sixth are required to be won in order to beat the games single player.. Fights in this mode are centered around “Spirits” which are characters and other things from game series that are not fighters with certain fighters used to represent them. Each time you win a fight, you are able to get said spirit, and use it in battle. 

Ultimate happens to be the most popular edition right now, It is the newest release and happens to have every fighter, even a competitive scene is rising for it!  

  You know the details, and the Verdict is In: Plug and Play! I can’t recommend it enough!

Note: This particular review is dedicated to two very special people: Ishan and Siddharth Christopher.

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