Face-off: What is the Wenis?

By Javier Morales

Where are we, in middle school? It’s called an elbow.

The correct term for the bottom part of your elbow is the “olecranon” according to the OFFICIAL Merriam webster dictionary. Wenis is n

ot found in the dictionary and last time I checked is a place where you can find meaning to even the most complex words. Until  I see “wenis” in the dictionary, I’m going to use the actual name.

Who is going to say “Ouch, I hit my olecranon!” when they slip on a banana peel and hit the corner of the desk? That’s right – no one. So just call it an elbow.

You might argue that the skin part of the elbow is what is called the wenis but guess what nobody cares, it’s still called an elbow. Nobody in the real world would use the term “wenis” when referring to the elbow. “Biologists have dictated that this part indeed is an elbow, so it’s nothing more,” said Junior Jacob Breuer.

The last time I heard the term “wenis” was when I was in grade school in Alabama. I remembered him as the one weird kid in the corner yelling “Look, guys, touch my wenis!”, the teacher had to stop the entire lesson and deal with that troubled attention seeker.  I didn’t speak out that day, but this time I’ll make sure no one gets dragged into the “look at my wenis” faction.

I know it is not just me, the term “Wenis” is just too immature and unnecessary. People nowadays love to make things more complicated than they need to be. Calling the skin on your elbow the wenis is like telling someone that a hotdog is a sandwich or that water is wet when clearly a hot dog is a hotdog and water itself is the substance by which other objects are made wet.

Don’t let immature, unnecessary terms like “wenis” clutter your life. Let’s just keep the facts straight: your elbow is your elbow and “wenis” is not a word.


By Brisa Rabadan

No. Elbow? Wenis? Not the same thing.

In case there is some confusion on what a wenis is, it’s the skin at the bottom of the elbow. To just call it an elbow is a disservice – it’s so much more complex than that. There’s the radius, bursa and the olecranon, it’s not just a joint.

If you look up the word wenis, then you will get results. Real results, showing that the wenis is, in fact, a real thing. Maybe the word wenis isn’t in the Merriam Webster or the

Oxford online dictionaries, but let’s not forget that in 2015 the word of the year was the “face with tears

emoji.” Yea an actual emoji, of all things, an emoji. That’s not even a word. So it’s pretty safe to say that words, made official or not, can still be real.

Some may argue that the wenis is the same as the olecranon, but no, it’s definitely not. The olecranon is located at the bottom of the elbow. It’s the inner part of the bottom bone. The wenis is the skin surrounding the bottom of the elbow. It’s not bone at all, and it rests over the top of the joint, not within it. The only similarity is that they’re located around the middle of the arm.

If I were to fracture Javier’s elbow, I’d injure the joint and bones. From the outside, no one would know because the skin covering the elbow- the wenis, if you will, would remain unharmed. On the other hand, if I pushed him down and he scraped or cut his wenis, you’d see an injury to the skin, not the bone.

“The wenis is a real thing, it’s just underrated. Everyone just calls it an elbow but no. They’re different things,” said , a Riverside sophomore.

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