AirPods: not worth the hype

No one asked, Justyn.

Airpods are not worth the hype they have received. They are cool in a slightly gimmicky, unimpressive way, but let’s face it, they are not worth the $160 they currently cost.

Furthermore, just because someone owns Apple’s wireless earpods doesn’t mean they’re cool. It isn’t trendsetting, it’s following. So congrats on being able to listen to music, but airpod users need to chill.

The memes about how airpod users babble their overused catch phrases into an uncaring crowd are accurate. After all, the new Louis Vuitton airpods cost close to $1000, and by that standard, we all “speak broke”.

Beyond that, there are custom wireless headphones for sale costing close to $40,000 dollars, and earbuds costing close to $2,500. Comparatively, airpods are just midrange wireless earbuds with mixed reviews and a mass produced brand name. They are not all that innovative, and regardless of the joking nature of that commentary, it does still say something about current American society.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I think airpods are really just status symbols and people who wear them are overrated,” said sophomore Lucy Kraus.

“They are overpriced, you are paying for a brand and are only popular from social media pressure,” said sophomore Ella Levy.

This is a common sentiment among people who dislike airpods. Airpods show that people have some financial security, even if they were Christmas presents. Unlike phones, which are essential for everyday life, airpods are unnecessary and expensive. They are also fairly noticeable unless covered by hair or a hood, so they can attract attention to a person.

Even if they aren’t completely useless, airpods are probably just another technological trend that will be over as soon as the next big thing comes out. Or Apple will just come up with another way to take advantage of teenage insecurity. They will make the Apple sign gold, add rose gold as an option, or make them look slightly sleeker at the expense of function. Everyone will go running to buy flashy, overwrought symbols of social importance, even though their old status symbols are functioning just fine.

Airpods are expensive, awkward looking, brand name earbuds, so regardless of whether they fall out, they aren’t worth it. There are heaps of social insecurities present in their popularity, and also some weird technological materialism that benefits Apple far more than it benefits consumers. People don’t need to have every single vaguely interesting tech trend when it comes out, especially if it is mediocre and severely overpriced. They aren’t worth it.

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