Person of the Year Semifinalist: The Media


The media has played a large role in the shift of politics and how things operate in a new paradigm. The public has reached a dilemma of whether to view the media as the “enemy of the people” or the “fourth branch of government.”

Even though the perception of the media has changed, its goal is still to report the news. Although the media is still delivering the same heavy news, bias has driven a wedge between the truth, what we’ve been exposed to before and rhetoric of modern times.

“[It’s] kind of hard to listen to because you will always get a bias opinion even if you just want the facts,” junior Kiyo Takahashi said.

Some people think that the best news sources are national publications, such as the Washington Post, but others, like School Board member and advisor for the Pirate’s Hook for 24 years Steve Unruhe, think that local news is just as important.

“Both are important, it’s ironic because you have to work harder to get local news, where you are swimming in national news,” Unruhe said.

“You will always get a biased opinion even if you just want facts”

The media has affected everyone and has shaped public   opinions on everything from politics to what clothes to wear.

Without the media, there would be no fact checking, no credibility, and information could be manipulated easily.

“People use any form of media to move others and sometimes in a way that is not ethical,” Unruhe said.

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