A Family in Need

On Tuesday, November 4th, the Riverside community raised over $5000 to help a family in need – and they did it in four hours.

Due to a misunderstanding, a family member of a Riverside student was arrested. In order to appeal the arrest in court, they had to be released on bond.

In an attempt to save the family member, this Riverside student set up a GoFundMe, with the help of Ellen Holmes, a Riverside Spanish teacher and advisor for the Destino Success club.

“Everyone deserves due process,” Holmes said.

Within four hours of the GoFundMe going live, over one hundred people from the Riverside community had donated.

“We have a wonderful community,” Holmes said.

Once a few students and teachers noticed the GoFundMe, they shared and publicized it through social media and by word.

“I think everyone was really thoughtful,” the affected student said.

In the end, $5,330 was raised to support this family.

“I felt proud and got emotional,” the student said. “I felt blessed and I got all the money I needed.”


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