Freshman by day, artist by night

Freshman Kristina Jacobs gets paid to create digital and traditional art.

She creates her digital art on a Huion GT-191 tablet with an art program called Clip Studio Paint. She creates traditional art using markers.

Jacobs is self taught. Her inspiration to start drawing came from watching TV shows. She slowly found out making art is something she loved and wanted to keep doing.

Jacobs grows her business by asking people around her if they would be interested in buying her art. Her main clients are teachers and some students. English teacher Alecia Knaub has bought Jacob’s art as a gift for her daughter. Knaub asked Jacobs to draw her daughter as a disney princess for her birthday.

“I think she’s very shy but has a great personality,” said Knaub. “That shows through in all the art pieces that she does.”

Jacobs draws on her tablet on her free time. Portraits are her favorite, but usually her clients specify what type of artwork they want.

The hardest part of this job is finding clients.

“It’s hard to find people who are willing to pay”, Jacobs says.

That’s why Jacobs prices are low, usually $5 or less per piece. When Jacobs sells a piece, she likes to put the money into savings, buy more art supplies like markers and paint, or splurge and get whatever she wants when she feels like it.

“ I want to do this as a career”, Jacobs says.

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