Painting, tattoos and teaching

New art teacher Shelby Turner brings varied skillset to RHS

Shelby Turner is the new art teacher at Riverside High school. Turner was born on April 19 1990 in Frankfort, Germany. This is Turner’s second year teaching, having previously taught at Harnett Central. Turner became a teacher because he wanted all students to be represented. Turner wants his student to know he’s here for them whenever they need him.

Senior David Walker, in intermediate art, describes Turner as cool and chill. Turner’s high school experience helped him decide what to do with his life.

“[It was] the place where I realized I want to be an artist”

In Turner’s free time he is always working and creating art. His favorite mediums are painting and tattooing. After receiving $20 from a senior who used his design as a tattoo design young Turner realized

“Why just design?” he said. “Why not learn to tattoo?”

That moment influenced the rest of Turner’s high school experience. He had his mind set on becoming a tattoo artist. His first tattooing experience was on his older sister during Christmas Break. In total, Turner has over 45 tattoos. Both of his legs, knees, and his left arm were tattooed by himself. His favorite art pieces are anything by Basquiat,

“[He had a] good approach ahead of his time,” he said.

Instead of wanting fame, Turner just wants his artwork seen. His biggest individual show was his senior college show which consisted of 15 pieces. His greatest achievement was a show he made with adults with developmental and psychological disabilities. None of the adults had prior art knowledge yet they were still able to rise $1,700.

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