Riverside is making prom great again

This year prom is going to be even more fun than last year! I hope everyone can come out and celebrate with me and have so much fun. I’m trying to get as many people to come to prom (only juniors and seniors obviously).

You have to admit that it’s so much fun to get dressed up and eat a fancy dinner. Most seniors have given up on looking cute every single day for school, so it’s gonna be so much fun getting dressed up with your friends. The dress/tux shopping can be stressful, but from a girl’s perspective it is so much fun trying on dress after dress, having your mom judge what is actually terrible and what is the cutest dress ever. And it might be painstaking to go through the hair and makeup but it is also really exciting.

Another reason to go to prom is because dates are overrated. Obviously it’d be lots of fun to go with your significant other, but it isn’t the only option. Boys suck anyways! Go with your friends. Go with a friend. And if none of your friends are going, meet friendly fellow students and make new friends. Try asking your friends to go with you. You can even read this article to them!

If you’re a senior, this is your prom. Other than graduation and weddings, it could be one of the last big formal events you’ll go to . You’ll dance, eat and talk so much that you won’t even be stressed about the tear you didn’t see in your dress earlier. Or that stain on your tux that you didn’t recognized.

Celebrate the beginning of the end of a long, exhausting and at times tear-filled, boring and frustrating journey. Seniors will graduate in about a month.  Mr. Swanson, Ms. Taylor and the prom committee have worked tirelessly planning this year’s prom, and it’s going to be so much fun.

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