Water is wet

By Christopher Allen

Water starts with the letter w and so does wet, so therefore water must be wet. Sheenah believes water itself is not wet, that it can only make things wet.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of wet is “covered or saturated by another liquid.”  When you are underwater, and covered with water, you are wet. You do not just magically become wet whenever you come out from the water. That’s because water has a very unique structure, and has to be made up of at least eight different H2O molecules to take physical form. Each H20 molecule has the ability to make things wet.

If water is made up of eight of these molecules, then it would be considered wet, simply due to the fact that when these molecules touch each other, they are  making themselves wet.

Meteorologists have lead us to believe that water is wet and meteorologists are never wrong. You are surrounded by air 24/7 no matter where you are. If you go to your favorite Carolina beach in a humid July afternoon, the meteorologist will likely state that there is humidity, or water,  in the air, and that is why you will get a sticky feeling from the moisture in the air. If you happened to be in sunny Arizona watching the Arizona Sun Devils lose a football bowl game to North Carolina State University, you would have noticed a different feeling in the air. This is because Arizona is a very dry place and since there is no water in the air, you are not feeling wet.

The most important reason why you should believe I am correct, is because Sheenah is arguing that water is not wet, and you simply cannot trust her. Water has been on this earth since the beginning of time, Sheenah has not yet seen two decades.

After reading this, you should go take a walk outside, and enjoy the humidity-the wetness- of the water in the air.

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