Sneaker culture has come alive at Riverside

By Jada Kobbah 

Everybody has different shoes and different styles. But not everyone would scrub toilets to get a new pair.

Freshman India Pack, however, would do that and more to add another pair of shoes to her collection.

“I grew up with little money.” Pack said. Her mom purchased her first pair of Jordans  when she was 12. Pack always took care of her shoes, so her mom went and started to buy her more sneakers.

Pack isn’t the only sneakerhead at Riverside. Senior Joshua Price also collects Jordans just like Pack.

“My brother introduced me to these sneakers called Air Force 1’s,” Price said. Price didn’t purchase his first pair of sneakers, his brother did. His brother wanted him to get a good taste in shoes as he grows older. Price mentioned what he would do for a pair of sneakers he love .

“I would babysit someone’s child for the pair of shoes I love,” Price said. Not everyone would babysit someone’s child but Price will, for a pair of shoes that he desires very much.

A lot of  people have their own opinions and point of views about the sneaker hype. Sophomore Anthony Sanders thinks the hype of sneakers is crazy.  

“A lot of famous celebrities wear shoes that people like,” said Sanders.

People are often inspired by famous celebrities or peers that wear the shoes that they like. For example, Rihanna created a couple of shoes with puma , the shoes became very inspiring to everyone and it started going worldwide and a lot of friends and family were purchasing them.

“It’s not really a hype it’s just something I do that’s enjoyable.” said Pack

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